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Сheck your wallets, all the tokens are already there!

As you all know Vinchain presale is over. We want to congratulate you and to say big thank you for supporting our project. As it has been mentioned before we doubled the amount of tokens you get per your purchase as the price of ETH doubled since we started. But as long as the presale had been already running we couldn’t change the terms of smart-contract. That is why at first you have received only a half of promised tokens. But now we are giving you the second part. So you can check your wallets, all the tokens are already there! Thank you one more time!
Just to remind you our ICO starts on the 22nd of March 2018 and will be held till the 15th of April 2018. And now you can join a white list on our website so you will be the first one to know all the news and to take part in our ICO. 
All the links to our website and to all the socials will be down below: Website: Telegram: Facebook: https://…
Why Vinchain is going to be popular and profitable

Everyone who invests in our project might have a very reasonable question why we are so confident of Vinchain being profitable?! We have several key points which will definitely persuade you - we know what are we going for!

Experience and background:
We started working on this project in February 2017 from studying blockchain’s ability to collect and store information. You may think that we are new to this, but you will be totally wrong. Our partner, such as Autoinspect, has been in the industry more than 10 years already, so they have gained huge experience in automotive sphere. They became our first data providers.

We are starting from the US market because this industry is extremely developed there but we are aiming to develop our project all over the world.

Reason for demand:
In some states of the US, there is a prohibition on selling a car without VIN history due to the negative reputation of dealers. We believe that it’s go…
Important Information About Vinchain and Gas Limit!
This weekend we had so many transactions and some of them weren’t successful due to the low limit of gas. Our recommendation is to set your gas limit to 350,000 so your transaction will definitely go through the system. Those who have already made a transaction need to check it, and if there are any problems with them, please, contact us through our website or send us an email at and we will help you out.
If you need any information on how to buy Vinchain tokens you can read the instructions hereand if you have any questions visit our website and send us an online message so we will do our best to help you.
We also want to remind that our presale will be held till December 24th. During this period 12,500,000 tokens will become available for placement. Since the price of ETH has doubled, we decided to double our tokens as well. Now you can buy 17,140 VIN for 1 ETH!!!  
Start investing in our project now and you will recei…
Attention! We have important news!
We decided to double the amount of tokens you get for your purchase. Earlier you could get 10,000 tokens per 1 ETH, now you will get 20,000 per 1 ETH.
As long as our presale has already started we cannot change the terms of our smart-contract, so when you purchase VIN tokens on our website you still receive the previous amount of tokens, but when our presale is finished we will send you the same amount of tokens you have already bought (we will double the amount of tokens you own).
Here it is the presale price list according to our update: During the presale 12.500.000 tokens are available for sale.
First 0 – 1,000,000 tokens used to be 1 ETH – 10,000 VIN and now it is 1ETH = 20,000 VIN1,000,001 – 5,000,000 used to be 1 ETH – 8,570 VIN and now it is 1ETH = 17,140 VIN5,000,001 – 12,500,000 used to be 1 ETH – 7,500 VIN and now it is 1ETH = 15,000 VIN
Why we are doing this:
The price of ETH has doubled since the time we started. We made our plan…
We Completed the First Part of our Presale
We made it!! We just reached the first goal on our way to success. That means we have just sold 1.000.000 tokens. When we first launched the closed presale, we had high hopes but we didn’t think that we could achieve such a tall order so fast. We are glad that so many people see our idea like we do. Our project has attracted many investors from all over the globe who are interested in seeing Vinchain grow.

You can buy Vinchain tokens right now

Vinchain creates a solution to the fraud menace that is common in the automotive industry. We have created a decentralized vehicle database which has accurate information on used vehicles that cannot be altered. As such, a car dealer and a buyer can transact on a transparent platform. Over time, many people have been able to understand our project and have chosen to be part of Vinchain. As a result, we can attribute our great sale to both our effort and the open minds of …
Car History Scams and How to Avoid Them
Cases of people being scammed for their car history are on the rise. The reality is that it can happen to anyone who decides to sell a car. Once you post an ad on the internet on any site, you become a target for them. If you are lucky, you will get an honest buyer. However, most of the times especially on sites such as Craigslist and Oodle, you are likely to get a scammer posing as an ‘interested buyer’. The interested buyer will find a way to make you pull up your car history from some website that they refer you to. The ultimate goal for the scammer is to get you to the site of which they get a commission from the lead. Once that’s done, they pretend to have changed their mind after you’ve bought your car history from their site.
And that’s not all. Many of the existing companies that provide data about used cars are also caught in the web of this violation of the law. Such a company is Carfax which is one of the biggest commercial suppliers of…
How To Participate In Vinchain Pre-ICO: A Step By Step Instruction

General information: ·We don’t have minimum contribution, but the minimum amount of tokens to check one car is 25 tokens. ·12,500,000 tokens are available during pre-sale ·600,000,000 tokens will be available during ICO ·Maximum investment amount: $34,500,000 ·Use a wallet that supports ERC-20 Ethereum tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, Metamask, Ledger Nano S and Trezor. ·Set the gas limit to 270,000. ·Decimal standard—18. Step By Step Instruction on how to participate in Vinchain ICO: 1: Getting Ethereum
Vinchain pre-sale will be operating on Ethereum, so in order to participate in our ICO you need to have Ethers. You can buy them from online exchange: Coinbase, Coinmama, Bitfinex, Poloniex, or any other.
Then you need to create an account which will be verified with your ID. It can take time from a couple of hours to three working days. When your account is verified, load funds so you can buy Ether. It might take up to 24 h…